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How to Apply for Workforce1 - ACCESS NYC Screening Tool for New York City Human Service Programs - Benefit Information. One Place.


How Do I Apply?

How Do I Apply?
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The following is information about how to apply for a particular program and the things you should bring with you.

Applying for a Job through Workforce1

Here are the things you need to do:
1. If you are 18 years old or older and are looking for a job or a better job, you may use the services provided by Workforce1 Career Centers. These services include access to employment resources, workshops and job counseling, which will help you prepare for a career and find a job.
2. To get started at a Workforce1 Career Center, you can attend an Introduction to Services or a recruitment event to learn more about our services and job opportunities. Both the Introduction to Services schedule and recruitment calendar are posted online for all of our centers. You can view and print this form from ACCESS NYC.
3. You will need to bring proof of your date of birth. In ACCESS NYC, you can search for the documents that are accepted as proof of date of birth.
4. If you have a resume prepared, please bring it with you to the Workforce1 Career Center along with the proof of your date of birth. If you are qualified, you may be able to go straight from orientation to applying for a job.

Important Links

View information about Workforce1 at:
View the Workforce1 Career Center orientation session schedule at:
ACCESS NYC provides information regarding the documents you may need to apply for the program and office locations. You can also view and print the partially filled forms for some of the programs.
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